On sale! Madewell Eyelet Peasant Top


This might be one of the quietest weeks on the internet because all the Sales from the past week are gone forever. And without fail, I always havenon-buyer’s remorse.THat‘s right, I’m the only person who regrets NOT spending money on the weekend. I do this every year guys. I make my list, I fill my carts all over the web and then… I forget. There are SO MANY sales during the week and weekend tHat I get overwhelmed and forget to buy them. Also, we took care of family things (there was a Christmas festival in town!) or put up the tree (or how we’ve been busy with the store this year!) than my best intentions to get all my Christmas shopping done. made this weekend while everything is on sale goes out the window. I am such a procrastinator tHat my dream is to buy early and save. But, not this year guys. 2019, I’ll be ready for you. 😉

It’s also sad to see everything in your cart go back to Full Price lol. But this TOP is still for sale! It’s 30% off right now at Madewell. I love this color lately. Madewell calls this color “carrot cake”, which I guess is correct, but my blood is like 30% basic, so for me, this color is and always will be “pumpkin spice”. This color is a hidden fall gem as it pairs so well with Black or regular dark denim. It’s only in my mind! (We even have a Scarf and SWEATER in this color in the store right now!) You can find this eyelet top on sale here. The fit details for this top are below!

(PS: I’m wearing a light brown camisole (the mocha color) under this and it’s perfect. Nude would work too, but the brown blends in really well without looking or feeling see-through.)