compliment magnet


Every once in a while I buy an unassuming piece and before I know it, I’m swimming in compliments the day I wear it. The First day I wore this dress a couple of weeks ago, or maybe last week, I literally have no sense of time these days, a woman kept going on about how adorable this dress was. Of course, I took the compliment, said thank you, and didn’t give it much thought. Until it happened again, not even 5 minutes later. A stranger at Target came up and said the same thing. Then my mom, who I saw later tHat day, loved the dress. So I decided to try it another day. Guess wHat? THE SAME HAPPENED. This dress is now forever a compliment magnet and I don’t care one bit.

Of course, I love the dress because I still wear it. Wait, do I love the dress or the compliments? Let’s say both. But all tHat to say, it’s very comfortable and if you’re having a bad day, I guarantee this magical dress will make some nice words come to your mind. I have used this three times now and without fail it has happened. Magic dress indeed.