Basic is the New Black


I’ve always loved color and quirks in my closet (shows to: shoes with one eye on them) I always, always, always go for my basics when it comes to my favorite and most worn pieces. I was looking for some Black Tops because I’ve been living in gray and white and with a Newborn, it’s doable if you’re quick and attentive. But Black is where it’s at when you want to look classy but are also hiding a few blemishes. I looked at ASOS First because I knew they had really good basic pieces tHat didn’t feel boring and, let’s be honest, fabric tHat would easily allow drool to wash off. (Mine, not Gemma’s.) I found this easy Black TOP and have lived in it recently. In fact, I bought it in the fall and they restocked it! Now I can share it with you! You can find this easy TOP here!