5 favorite workouts at home


Well, one of the benefits of being home all the time is tHat I’ve spent even more time looking at shit online. Which means… I finally found a crop TOP tHat works for long torsos + bigger chests. *standing ovation* I started researching all the Amazon burrows and came up with this crop TOP/sports bra hybrid and I want one in each color. I have loved this crop TOP + high waisted Leggings look on many fitness girls, but for me it has not been realistic because I have big breasts AND a long torso. There just isn’t enough fabric to go around and still be a crop top. Most crop Tops become regular sports bras (looking at you specifically as Outdoor Voices) and indeed, it’s been a comedic trial-and-error ride of trying on crop Tops only to be disappointed.

Until this. And it’s less than $20. I MEAN. Living the dream.

So the tuning is a bit hard to explain, so I’ll just state my facts. I’m 5’9″, 60% water and wear a 36D bra and usually a large in sports bras. I bought the XL in this crop top sports bra and there is room to breathe. It fits great as a top and if I’m not doing a high impact workout it works well as a bra as well. If I were to run (lol) I would need to wear a sports bra under this, but tHat‘s pretty typical for me anyway. I always wear twice as many sports bras if it’s a high impact workout. If I have to explain tHat to you, then congratulations, your breasts are not a daily nuisance.

All of tHat to say that I think an XL would fit D+ cups. I think if you don’t have a very long torso, stay true to your sports bra size. Your sizing chart seemed pretty accurate to me, so I’d say stick to that sizing guide. I’m saying all of this with my fingers crossed: it’s very hard to size up someone from the internet, but dammit, I’m trying.

Find this crop top here!

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So you probably came here for training. I understand. Let’s go get them then! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite workouts: some are apps, some are videos, and 3/5 are free. Oh, and they are all very doable. Except for the last one. However, a girl can dream.

Fitness of all levels:

Yoga by Adrienne

Whatever type of yoga you are looking for, Adrienne has it. You want a challenging workout, you are New to yoga or just to relax or unwind, she has it all! Also, she is a great instructor and overall very pleasant to listen to. You can find her website here or her YouTube here.

Toning of specific areas:


I love Cassey and have followed her for a long time on Youtube. She started with exercise videos of her, but I actually like watching all your videos. She is unapologetic, she is confident and inspiring. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but her workouts are! These are great if you’re looking to tone specific areas – he breaks it all down, especially his most recent home workout videos!

Quick 10 minute routine:

Tracy Anderson 10 Minute Workout

Have you heard of the TA Method? Well, it’s the Tracy Anderson method and it hurts. She’s a celebrity trainer (Gwyneth Paltrow to be specific) and all she does is train the smallest muscles to fully tighten them. She does a lot of little movements you think no way is this going to work but let me tell you the next day I am so sore. Goop uploaded this 10 minute workout and it’s great if you only have 10 minutes to do something. Combine this with a nice walk in the fresh air and it’s a good refresher for her muscles. (Also, I realize Goop and Gwyneth can be very polarizing, but this video is for everyone, I promise!)

Bonus: This is an oldie but a goodie. It’s a quick arm workout and SLAPS. Find it here. Also, this video was from 10 years ago; Let’s take a moment to thank technology for its improvements to our streaming experience.

Oh and PS my sneakers are 40% off today with code BIGDEAL!

The next two are paid apps, but they’re definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a more personal trainer approach.

Full Training Guide:

Fitbod App

So this year I started going back to the gym regularly, like 2-3 times a week in February + early March… and then you know what happened. I’ve been kind of sad about it because it took a bit of motivation to get back in the gym since I took a long hiatus (like years lol) and I watched Bryan train and build muscle and I wanted to participate. the fitness game of him. But before all this, B had found this app that creates really cool gym workouts using whatever equipment your gym has and was finding some really cool workouts with it. Turns out this app can work for home workouts too! You have the ability to adapt to what equipment you do or don’t have, as well as your level of fitness and abilities. It’s a really great app if you miss your trainer or your typical workout and generally feel completely lost without the gym and without a plan. PS: They also have workouts with zero equipment! It’s a great app, I can’t recommend it highly enough!

It’s a paid app, but they allow free workouts with no equipment for a few weeks!

Find it in the app store.

The most humiliating workout:

Sweat Application

Have you tried the BBG in the SWEAT app yet? If so, then you KNOW what I mean by humbler. This workout is basically like someone saying ‘do you think you’re fit? That is cute. And that’s not to scare you, wait, yes it is. HAHAHA. But I’ve had a lot of friends do it with himSuccessful 6 week workouts and came out on the other side feeling great physically and mentally. In fact, that’s what my friends say has been the biggest benefit from hard workouts, mental clarity and empowerment.

You’ll notice I’m saying FRIENDS. I made it through the First week and my body went bankrupt. This was last May. I’m still sore.

All of that to say – it’s a great home workout and while I follow Kayla Itsines’ workouts, there are other trainers in the app for other fitness goals! It’s a paid app, but if you’re not paying for a gym membership, it’s a good trade-off.

Find it on the App Store here.

If you have any videos or apps you’d like to share, please leave a comment below!